Thursday, May 25, 2006

I am feeling a bit guilty about the quickie post Tuesday. You all deserve much better. I've decided in honor of A) the Memorial Day weekend, B) my cousin's visit next week and C) the beginning of my favorite month (yes my birthday is in June) it's time I had a contest. The prize will involve yarn of course. I have to work on the details. The contest involves those fun quizzes that have been going around. Go take my quiz and you will be entered in the contest. You don't have to have the highest score. I will pick a random name from all the people who try it. The contest will run for one week. Next Thursday night I will have one of the kids pull a name out of a hat. Then I will announce the winner on Friday.

Added later: You can take the quiz even if you're not interested in the contest. Just leave a comment and say you took it just for fun!

Added even later: My dear cousin Ingileif has agreed to pick up 3 skeins Alafoss Lopi for me to give away. I will also include the book Knit One Felt Too to give you some ideas for your Lopi.

I also realized that Odessa really deserved a better picture:

or two:

It still doesn't quite capture the color changes but it's a far better representation. The beads also show up much better in person. It's still lovely isn't it?

Ann you'll like this
I decided a skimmer might miss this and I know Ann loves embarrassing stories...

Since humiliation is always good entertaiment I will share a small incident that happened to me the other day. I got out early on Tuesday from Jury Duty so I came home around 4. The kids were home with their grandmother and I had a raging headache so I decided to take a shower. Now I like a hot shower, really hot like so hot no one else can stand it. Normally this is not an issue. I finished up, came out and went to my room. A few minutes later the smoke detector goes off. It's the one that's attached to the home security system so I run downstairs and put in my code and turn it off. A minute or so later ADT calls and I tell them it was just the steam that set it off for some odd reason. I go about my business relaxing in my room still in my robe and a towel on my head. When Avery comes running upstairs to tell me the fire department just pulled up outside. I go running downstairs where I have to explain to a whole engine full of firemen that it was just because I took a hot shower there was no my robe...nice.

My dear husband told me later that if I want to ogle some firemen that badly I should just go to the firehouse... least it's almost Friday...