Saturday, April 29, 2006

I is for Iceland - The Money Shot

I know I've made you suffer but believe me it's worth the wait. My cousin knew who she was dealing with and had a number of pushers, um I mean yarn stores in her agenda for us to visit.

This is the Wool Market which is in the City Center:
It has a small but nice supply of Lopi. The color selection was very good as were the prices. The also carried a great selection of wool sweater, shawls and other woolen items. I picked up a couple skeins of Lett- Lopi there.

When I was hunting for buttons for Anouk I went into a fabric store, the woman there recommended Storkurinn:
Thankfully Ingileif knew exactly where this was, in a little mall above a supermarket. This felt like a yarn shop from home. They had Rowan, Noro, Debbie Bliss, and Dale. There was more I'm sure but I decided not to look too closely after I got my buttons. It was all stuff I can get here and the prices were about the same. Seeing all those colors, in all those brands was cool though since I get most of them online when I do buy. I took this shot from outside, since it only occurred to me to take a picture after I left.
I was still intoxicated by the colors:

Neither of these places lived up to my new favorite yarn shop, the Alafoss Factory Outlet:
This was the first place Ingileif took us to the afternoon after we arrived. We bought a few skeins that first day, but we made sure to visit it before we left as well:

In the back of the building there is this cool little waterfall:

I was reading on the web that when the mill was first opened it was powered by this waterfall. Pretty cool huh?

Inside? Heaven:

They sell all kinds of Lopi, Lett- Lopi, Bulky Lopi and other Icelandic yarns plus some non-Icelandic yarns that I had never seen before. We kind of loved it there:
The prices were phenomenal. I was trying the last of my Amex Travel Card on the return trip and I still ended up only spending half, but look at what I came home with: give you an idea the sheep keychain cost more than any skein of wool.

For those of you wondering, of course I have already started a project in my Lopi. Like I could resist it's siren song.

Monday- back to my boring old life. Thanks for all the comments and appreciation on my little travelogue. It's been so much fun to share it with everyone!

Have a great weekend!!!