Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You may recall this post from a few weeks back. I thought we should see where we stand:

February 14 - Jaywalkers finished on time
February 16 - Chunky Cable bag finished on time
February 10 - Branching Out finished on time .
Soon - fingerless gloves 2 sets finished one set, mostly done with the second.

Honestly I'd be done with the second set if I had managed to stay awake past 8 last night but my body worked against me. I fell asleep putting Ian to bed.

Not too bad an output if I do say so myself. Let's see what's up for March:

Rag Doll

On the face of it not much but that doll is on 2s or 3s (I haven't done my gauge swatch yet) so she takes awhile. Let's not forget that poor Bob isn't even done yet and he's just about the same size. Anouk took me a couple weeks last time so I figure it won't take too long. I'll be working on that and the doll at the same time to give myself some relief from the tiny gauge. Odessa can even wait until the beginning of April since I know it's a fast knit. Although I may swatch for it now to make sure I can use the alpaca for it.

Of course I'm already behind schedule since I haven't finished the damn gloves. Hopefully I can finish them tonight and cast on for the doll. Wish me luck!

Happy Wednesday...