Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Finished Object

Hey, I finished something this weekend, see:

It's a telegraph. What do mean it's not knitting? It's finished isn't it? Actually it's Avery's Science Fair project that he worked diligently on it all weekend. All I did was strip some wires and make sure his connections were tight. I honestly can't take much credit at all.

I did go spend some money on a new home for my yarn. Trusty IKEA, also fast becoming known as the knitter's best storage friend, has this lovely bureau for me:

Want to see the inside:
That is my favorite part it's a drawer for belts and things but sock yarn and knitting accoutremonts fit in it very nicely.

I love the way it's hidden inside the top drawer:

Finally the bottom drawer:

Kind of cute, no? It's packed very badly because I just threw all my yarn in at on Sunday night before bed. I have to get in and arrange it better.

As for knitting well there's been a bit. I finish an arm for the doll. I skipped the front of the legs because I am having concerns about having enough of the cream yarn. Maribel has more so it's not too much of a problem but I'd like to know now so I can get it from her. Otherwise that's it nothing more to talk about. I still have some hopes for getting it done shortly, the problem is I have to actually work on it and that doesn't seem to be working for me.

Happy Wednesday!