Friday, March 24, 2006

Fridays are for...

...not a damn thing. I got nothing to show. I am working on the legs for the front of the doll. I better finish them, like tonight, because then there is the endless seaming. Maribel is coming over on Sunday so we can stuff the dolls. There sure as hell won't be much stuffing going on if I don't get the knitting portion done. I did run out of the cream yarn (oddly enough it was when I was at the Amityville station of the LIRR, coincidence, maybe, maybe not). I had warned Bel that the end was coming so she brought what she had left to work and I stopped there on the way home.

Why was on the LIRR you may ask? Well I was visiting my favorite Long Island chicks, Katy and Ann. Well, mostly I was visiting Katy but we lunched with the fabulous Ann herself. Much fun was had. I love hanging with Katy. I got to see her currently one story house (hopefully two story again as of today), waited with her for some permits and bonded over the contents of her linen closet. I had a blast.

After chatting with Ann about her horrible skimming habit I have decided to institute a new Skimmer Alert system. In the event of something interesting appearing in the blog I will use this alert, remember this is a test:
Ann read this!!!In the event of an actual skimmer emergency I will preface the important part with the above. Maybe then Ann won't miss things like stipper poles.

I just realized today, god I am so slow on the uptake sometimes, that all my webring codes are gone. Initially I thought I just hadn't moved them over from the old template but when I went to fix them they weren't there either. So I checked the webring lists and of course I appear to have been kicked off of most or all of them. Now I need to reapply, of course the big one, Knitting Bloggers, is closed until April 15th. Maybe it's not worth the trouble, I don't know.

Have a great weekend everyone...