Thursday, March 30, 2006

I know that you're all here for naked doll pictures so let's just get it out of the way:

Hairless and faceless but still oddly cute. Ian so wants to take this doll for his own. I really need to finish poor Bob the Builder. Sorry for the poor picture quality today but the digital camera is acting up so these are all phone shots.

Brenda Dane always talks about the "Moments of Ritual Humiliation" so I thought I should share mine with you. I had planned to do something that I now have to completely give up on. I wanted to make matching Anouks for the doll and the baby I am giving it to (who shall remain nameless;)). So I decided to be lazy and not do any math. I started to knit it from the Baby Ull. This way I could do the smallest size and the smaller gauge would make it fit the doll just fine. The problem is I realized that in order to get the size right I would have to use a size 1 needle. So I cast on and went to work. Know you know that I have a bit of an issue with any needle smaller than a 2. It took me nearly a half an hour to do one round of that damn dress. I also realized a dress with straps not sleeves is not ideal for a doll with no shoulders. So that idea is so over. I will be making the outfit in the pattern for the doll, but I will make it from the same yarn as the big Anouk. Which I started this morning.

I saw this on the train the other day:

See that thing right underneath the crutch, yup it's a ball of yarn. Is it wrong of me to want to go to the MTA's Lost and Found office just to shop for yarn? Could I call and say, "Hey, I uh lost a ball of cashmere on the train the other day. Which train? Um, yeah, I don't remember. What color? Well what colors have you got?".

It might work.

Since I have deemed Wednesdays for linkage, here are some funny or odd things I ran into this week:

Can't you just hear Shakespeare saying this?

Next time you're on the lam, think of Walmart (thanks to my co-worker and friend Gary for the link).

They really need to release a line of rejected greeting cards for the twisted (like me) among us.

Life is always a little better with a Sesame Street song.

Ann read this!!!
...oh and Ann when you call me please put on a robe.

By the way for all of you who want to implement the skimmer alert system. It is simply marquee tags. Here's a page with fairly clear instructions. I used the one that makes it bounce back and forth which is a bit lower down on the page.

Happy Wednesday...