Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's a pictureless day today. I was running around too much this morning to take any and last night I was working on the blog. You like? I wanted to re-do the look for Spring anyway. That's the only reason I had a back up of the template. It's not like I always back it up (although I may start now). Since everything was lost yesterday I figured that was a sign to get it done. It's not quite done. Some things are still missing from the sidebar and there is still some color tweaking that I want to do but overall I think it's a nice change.

As far as knitting goes. I did, amazingly enough, find my old copy of the Anouk pattern with all my annotations. Sadly it doesn't tell me what needle size I used. I found a few swatches I had made for it as well (sounds like I'm really organized right? Not quite, just lucky). The swatch is way looser than the one I made so I'm sticking with an 8 and just re-working the numbers. I started the pocket so I can get a really good sense of my gauge.

I got a bit sidetracked by another project yesterday though. It seems there is a great inequity in my home. Avery has a pair of socks made by me, I have a pair of handknit socks I got in the first Sockapalooza and Rinaldo of course has his Socks that Rock. Poor Ian has none. That can't continue. I cast on yesterday for a pair of red socks (Ian's choice) using some Opal yarn I had in stash. This also means that I have begun socks for the Red Hot Socks knitalong. I still plan on making my Ruby Slippers Socks that Rock for me but now they can wait patiently. The joy of these socks is my son's teeny tiny 4 year old feet. Ok they're a bit big for a 4 year old but their small for sock making! I'm already halfway through one and I started on the train going home and did no knitting last night. Love that!

It's back to the doll for me tomorrow. Have to stay on track with that.

Back to the grind here at work.

Happy Wednesday everyone...