Monday, March 06, 2006

I dont know if I did

...sorry about the weird title, blogger was down all morning so I did this in Word, when you upload it through Blogger for word it automatically creates a title from the first few words...

I don’t know if I did a lot this weekend or very little. If I don’t leave the house at all during the weekend I somehow feel as if I was just lazing around, no matter what I did at home. On Saturday I didn’t do much other than knitting, but on Sunday there was cleaning and furniture putting together to be done.

We finally got a new dining room set (gotta love JC Penney 50% off sales). Our dining room is huge and it simply dwarfed our poor little table. So we got a much bigger one, that seats 6 instead of 4 and has a leaf in the center to expand even more. Of course that means lots of pieces of table and chair strewn all over the place for most of the day. It didn’t occur to me to take a picture but I will later since I’m talking about it!

I did get a great deal done on the doll. The back piece is complete. I started it on Thursday morning. The doll is done in four pieces, a back, a front and two arms. The head continues into the body and the body continues to legs. See:

It’s a little odd but having seen the finished project (scroll down to the 9th, sorry I can't seem to find the link to the actual post) I have complete faith in the process.

As a reward for finishing a quarter of the doll I decided to give myself a break and move on to Anouk for a few days. I was working my gauge this morning and I seem to be off badly. I am using LB’s Microspun which I used on my first Anouk (damn I just looked back at an old post and realized I did the pocket as the swatch, that was smart why didn't I do that this time!). The problem is I can’t find the copy of the pattern I worked from so I have no notes around on what needle I used. I do have a knitting journal but I typically just write stuff like that on the pattern directly, if at all. I’m probably sticking to a 7 or 8 and doing a size smaller than I planned. It should meet somewhere in the middle. According to the blog the other one came out a bit big so that should work just fine. That’s the great thing about baby clothes, just make ‘em big they’ll always grow into them.