Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bloggin' in your backyard
my apologies to Rainbow

It is actually warm enough to sit on my deck and blog, see:

I could get to like this homeowner living. That's the new deck furniture we bought last week. In case you couldn't figure that out from the tags. There's still bubble wrap on the legs too. I'm just too comfortable to go inside and get the scissors.

Anouk has been started and ripped out and started again. My math was totally off. Thankfully it was fairly obvious so I caught it at row 15 just before I changed colors. Gina brought up an excellent point in the comments this morning, about how unrealistic it was to think I could complete 2 Anouks in such a short amount of time. I suffer (and I suspect many knitters do) from my ambition being faster than my hands. I see no reason why something small can't be completed in no time at all, but I forget to factor in life. Yesterday I was home with the kids and I figured I would get a ton of knitting done but between playing with Ian, keeping 3 kids fed (Avery's best friend was over also) and general damage control the only time I got to knit was last night in front of the TV and I only got 3 rows done since I was exhausted. I suspect it's a lesson I'll never really learn but at least I know enough to compromise when it becomes obvious I have bitten off more than I can chew.

Have a great weekend everyone. I hope your weather is a nice as mine!