Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wednesday is Shout Out Day

I am feeling pretty cranky this week, of course at the moment I seem to be feeling cranky every week. Maybe it's just because the weather is so nice and yet I am still locked in my basement office here at work. I keep threatening to cut through the ceiling to make a skylight but we are right under the sidewalk so I can't imagine the view would be all that great, unless of course you're the person who set this up.

Of course when you're feeling cranky the best thing in the world is to have a surprise package waiting for you when you get home(let me take a moment to congratulate Avery on not opening it himself in the 3 hours he was home before me. An box to Avery is like a box full of steak to a dog).

Ann loves me, look at what she bought me:

Oooh, aahh. I've been wanting this book for awhile now but I kept talking myself out of it. Of course having it in my hot little hands makes me wonder why. The shawls are beautiful and I've already picked out at least three that I want to start...right now. Really, it's amazing I didn't call out sick just to cast on for one. Let's see if I can talk myself into waiting until I finish at least one baby blanket before I start one. I don't have high hopes for that.

I have also been very remiss in giving thanks for a few other things I have received of late.

Romy RAOK'd me with this lovely stationary:

The problem is I received it the day I left for Maryland so it has sat in my mail tray at home for the past week. I ran into it this weekend and felt really guilty for not acknowledging before now. Thanks Romy!

I also received two contributions of acrylic yarn for the NYU Naughty Knitters program to make blanket for babies with AIDS. Thank you to Virginia, potter extraordinaire (really...go look...I can't get enough of her mugs, thank god I work with her husband so he keeps me supplied). She will be showing her wares this weekend at the 4M Contemporary Craft Festival for those of you in the Hudson Valley region.

Also thanks to Kristen for her contribution and check out the great bags she's been making. Nothing like a good bag to carry your knitting.

I'm toying with starting a new webring for NYC knit bloggers. It would include anyone who lives in the city, works in the city or travels to the city on a regular or semi-regular basis (yes, this means you LI people too). I'm always amazed at the bloggers who are fairly close and it would be cool to know there are people you can meet up with since they are in the general vicinity. What do you think, are we all ringed out? Or are you up for yet another link on your page?

Ok, I need to be honest about the crankiness, I think it's mostly because it's only Wednesday. It needs to be Thursday. Thursday at 4:30 to be exact. Why? Because then I will be here...I can't wait. I'm such a fangirl...