Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Maryland...the dark side

Ok, I am being a bit melodramatic but the the weekend was not all wine and wool. On Friday, when we were preparing to leave, Rinaldo decided to get the oil changed before we left. While the oil was being changed the guy asked us what the noise was. What noise!?! We went over to the car and sure enough with the hood open there was a very loud clanking noise. So we had to go to the mechanic. Turns out the alternator was shot. So they had to do a rush job for us. We left about 3 hours later than we planned. This meant of course that we hit rush hour or weekend traffic in every state we passed through. It took over 6 hours for us to get there.

Meanwhile Ian's school called me to say that Ian had a rash and did I know anything about it. I told them no but he does get minor rashes occasionally when he is finishing up a cold, so I was not overly concerned. I spoke to my mother in law when he got home from school and she said it wasn't too bad so I still wasn't too concerned.

When we arrived at our hotel we collapsed and watched Constantine on pay per view (I liked it much more than I expected to). The next morning we head out to the fair and my mother in law calls to say Ian is "much worse". Ok...does he have fever? No. Is he eating? Yes
Is he happy and playing? Yes. Then I'm not worried. A few hours later she calls to say he's "really horrible". We go through all the questions again. Same answers. She wants to know what to give him, I tell her to give him some Claritin and to see how it goes.

When we're stuck on the bridge coming home (it took almost 6 hours to get back too) I call to let her know where we are and she tells me in an extremely dire voice, "he's not doing well, it's really bad". Again, same questions, same answers. Now I don't mean to seem unfeeling, I love my children, but having gone through these type of things with Avery I can't deny that if their mood and appetite are good and there is no fever I just don't stress too much about it. Maybe I'm wrong but I feel like my mother in law was truly overreacting to the whole thing. When we got home it was a horrible rash all over his body but he was sleeping and aside from the itching he was fine. I felt it could wait until we could get to his doctor on Monday. However she was a wreck, I often ask her if she was like this raising Rinaldo and she says no, 'cause man, she flips out over every little sniffle. I can't deny that I also felt that there was some blame focused on me because I didn't react strongly enough to the situation, but that could be my own paranoia. Rinaldo decided to take him to the emergency, mostly to calm down his mother, but also to find out what was causing it. They didn't get home until 4 in the morning. What did they get for going there? Three doctors telling them that it definately wasn't chicken pox. Yeah, great,thanks. They reccommended giving him Benadryl and that was it.

I took him to his doctor Monday and he said it was a secondary reaction to a virus, he gave us a cream to help bring down the inflammation and help with the itching. It had already gone down quite a bit but the cream seems to be helping it go a little faster.

So for Mother's Day I stayed home alone with my poor itchy baby, trying not to get depressed over my mother not being around anymore. It wasn't a great day. Though to give credit where it is due Rinaldo did try to help. He did some laundry for me and brought me home some food from his Grandmother's (where he and Avery went) as well as White Castles (by my request, don't judge me too harshly, we all have our comfort foods).

Enough whining (sorry about that). In the car during both trips I managed to make a Dulaan hat based on Norma's formula:

Cute, fast and easy just like I like 'em.

Last night was the Knitting Group at B & N. Maribel showed off the poncho she is making from Amy Boogie's pattern:

Then Maribel's friend Cathy showed off the Ipod socks she made, using my pattern:

Sonia brought a beautiful baby sweater she made, but the picture came out too blurry to show. She also brought along this guy:

He was very cuddly and already well loved.

I had a great time but I had to dash out early to get home for Veronica Mars. The season ender was entirely satisfying, the mystery solved, many questions answered but my poor Logan was left in a very bad place and the last scene was a cliffhanger so it's going to be a long summer. I am hoping the Britney Spears reality show is very short so the Veronica reruns can start. I didn't watch from the beginning and I would like to catch up on what I missed.

God, it's only Wednesday...wake me when it's Friday...