Monday, May 23, 2005

Knitter's Day Out

Maribel and I went on our Yarn Bus adventure on Saturday (I apologize for all the pictures for those of you on dial up, but I promised Margene and Chris plenty of pictures).

We caught the bus on 79th and Broadway at 10:15 Saturday morning:

and yes the yarn top piece for the van looks amazing:

We had the pleasure of meeting Jerry:

Jerry is the driver of the yarn bus. He drives a school bus during the week. He is not a knitter (Bel asked) but really enjoys seeing the various reactions of people as the van passes them. He says lots of people take pictures. We discovered that we were in fact the only passengers for Saturday morning's trip (they do 2 more pick ups in the afternnoon).

After a fairly short and very scenic trip we arrived in Irvington, NY. Right at the door of Flying Fingers:

and look what the sign says in the window:

whoo hooo!

Here is what the shop looks like inside:

It was amazing. We chatted with Elise, I believe she's the owner but don't quote me on it. What I am sure of is she is sweet and friendly and not a fan of novelty yarns! Though they stock plenty of them for anyone who is. There were comfortable benches in the middle of the shop to sit and knit or contemplate your purchases and a large round table in the back for classes and more organized knit togethers. I cannot say how much I loved this shop. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the prices are reasonable, especially compared to Manhattan.

After we bought our yarn we explored Irvington a bit. Maribel had seen a sailboat down on the water and so we decided to head down in that direction. As we were walking I ran into a woman I knew from Avery's school (Bel thought I was talking to strangers). Blanca and her family had moved to Irvington this past summer, her boys used to go to school with Avery. She also ran the crochet and Spanish clubs both of which Avery participated in. So we caught up for awhile marveling at what a small world it is. She was impressed by the yarn bus (it was parked close by so we were able to point it out). We said our goodbyes and Bel and I headed down to the water.

Here is the view of the Tappan Zee:

We hung out here for awhile:

Note all the bags at my feet:

We actually found a bench nearby and sat for about an hour just knitting, talking and looking out at the water. I can't imagine a better time than that.

Then we hopped back on the bus. We had mentioned to Jerry on the way up that we lived in the Bronx. We actually passed the exit on the highway where we would normally get off while driving. So on the way back, Jerry sweetheart that he is, dropped us off in the Bronx and drove off to do his next pick up in Manhattan:

So what did we buy? That's for next time...