Friday, May 06, 2005

I promised pictures today so here you go. I've made progress on the Log Cabin. Only about 2 1/2 repeats to go:

Since I'm doing all this baby knitting, I plan on doing some sweaters after the blankets, I joined up with Emy for the:

I like joining knitalongs where I've already started the projects. Looks like cheating, smells like cheating, yet not so much.

Yesterday, in the nick of time I may add, I received my Knitting Bloggers Sheep and Wool tote bag courtesy of Mia:

Cute no? Most people had their names put on it but there are a number of Nancys out there so I figured my blog name was better. Mia managed to keep the cost down to $20, even with shipping and personalization, amazing.

So I think I'm ready for Maryland. I've got my directions printed. I'm hoping to meet up with Kathleen, Lisa and Cate. The only place I know I'll be for sure is hanging with Stephanie on the grass at 1:00 on Saturday. Otherwise I will be roaming free. My dear husband found himself a comic shop 6 minutes away from our hotel and tomorrow is Free Book Comic Day, so you know where he'll be!

Finally, Nancy was very curious about all the tattoos out there so she came up with the idea of Show Your Tattoo day on the knitting blogs, much like Show Your Stash day awhile back. Alison was kind enough to make us a very cool button for it:

So ladies (and gents) next Friday May 13 Show Your Tattoo!

I'll be thinking of all of you who can't be in Maryland this weekend, I'll pet some yarn for you....