Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I have a confession to make, I have something of an obsessive personality. When I love something I really, really get interested to the point of obsession. Knitting has been like that and it works out pretty well (aside from the sizable stash).

The first time I really noticed I was like this was when I was a teenager. I would read biographies of movie stars, from the 40s and 50s mostly, and then I would have to watch everything they ever made. Montgomery Clift was a big one, Ava Gardner another. It has continued as I've gotten older (you will all recall the Motley Crue issues a few months back) and now it often has to do with TV shows. There was of course Buffy, and also Firefly. So what's this season's flava? Not Lost or Depserate Housewives, both of which I like a great deal, but they lack the fundamental "it" factor that goes into feeding my obsessions. No, this year it's a show no one watches, Veronica Mars.

It's a great show. In fact here's a list of reasons why you all should watch it too. A bit of Nancy Drew for the new millenium, except Nancy didn't deal with her best friend's murder, her own potential date rape and being a pariah in her community among other things. The season has had two lingering mysteries all along and each episode has a mystery of the week. Recently Veronica and her main antagonist Logan became romantically involved (it wasn't quite as obvious an outcome as you may think) and I at 35 have become a squealing teenager.

I am crushing on the actor who plays Logan ,which is a little odd because frat boy types are so not my thing, mostly I think it's because his chemistry with Veronica is quite intense. I've decided to blame it on a slightly early mid-life crisis. Sad that all mine amounts to is a crush on a 23 year actor, rather than a fast red car but that's life...

I have been knitting on the baby blankets, hell I might even show you a few pictures on Friday. I have also started a hat for the Dulaan project. I hadn't done one up to now because I've had so much on my plate but Stephanie guilted me but good at her event and since they gave us the yarn I figured it would be wrong not to make a couple hats. At least I have until late June to send them out, that should be time enough...I hope...