Friday, April 29, 2005

My Night with a Harlot

Ok, not just any harlot but the Harlot. Maribel and I headed down to Lord and Taylor last night to see Stephanie speak and hang out with other knitters... and to see where the hell they kept an auditorium in Lord and Taylor (Bel questioned whether or not they even had an 11th floor).

The "auditorium" in the end looked more like this:

Note the young lady at my table, that's a lovely smaller clapotis around her neck (I didn't catch her name but she says she has read my blog on occasion). The room was full of clapotis and I'm happy to say I got many compliments on mine. Everyone wanted to know what yarn I used so I gave mad props to Brooks Farms last night.

Then of course the reason we were all there, Ms. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee:

Although you could tell she was nervous, she was hilarious as expected. Very cool lady. Bel said she had way more fun than she ever expected to. Although she was kicking herself for not bringing her knitting. There were many bloggers in the house as was evidenced by a show of hands. I had one at my table for five minutes but I forget her blog and she moved to a better vantage point when they opened up more tables.

Cassie has a small list of some of the bloggers who attended last night (and how the hell did I miss you Mindy?).

I did manage to catch up with Stephanie after the Q & A was over:

People were lining up to get more personalized autographs for their books, but I just wanted to introduce myself and lend some moral support. I told her I would see her again in Maryland, next weekend.

Then it was time to go. On the way out we got our goody bags:

A signed copy of the book, a skein (or thing) of Wool Ease chunky donated by Lion Brand and information and patterns for the Dulaan Project. Bel got some plastic Lion Brand needles in her bag, sadly I did not. I'd love them for the kitsch factor alone. All in all it was a lot of fun and really good company, I had a great time.