Friday, April 08, 2005

Look at me I have an FO:

I really love my mitts (thanks to Rinaldo for the picture). They worked up really fast, a mitt a day, and they show off the yarn really well. Plus they're comfy and my hands are quite toasty today, though my office is cold as usual (except when it's a sauna but that's another story). Finishing these mitts got me excited about my other projects again. There's nothing like a small quick project to remind you why you love knitting.

I do seem to have become a baby blanket making machine though. I have 2 on the needles already for gifts and today in honor of my first meeting with the NYU Naughty Knitters, I cast on for a third. The Naughty Knitters knit items for charity and the current recipients are babies with AIDS. So I cast on for a red and blue striped blanket in the classic dishcloth pattern. Quick and easy but pretty. The coordinator had mentioned on the phone that they were running low on yarn so I raided the stash for some orphan skeins and good sized balls to donate. So I will come bearing gifts.

This weekend I am devoting to the log cabin blanket, as it has been quite neglected. It is difficult to tote around since you are changing colors fairly regularly. Five balls of yarn don't fit in my bag very well. I may actually change the way I've been working on my various projects. I had been devoting all my time to each, one at a time. Once I finished a skein (or a section for Bob and the log cabin) I would switch to another project. I think I may have my cousin's blanket for my commute, the log cabin for evening TV knitting, Fridays will be for the Naughty Knitters blanket and Bob and the ribbed scarf can take turns on the weekends. Maybe then I won't get as bored and all the projects will show progress. We'll see.

The new Knitty is up. For the most part I was not overly excited by anything in. Nothing wrong with the patterns just not my style. I am however completely and hopelessly in love with this bag. Now heres the funny thing. A few years ago I was not a bag person. Really, Rinaldo had more bags than I did, only because he is constantly being given new laptop bags and backpacks at all his tradeshows. Something changed. One of course is knitting. Taking your knitting with you means searching for the perfect bag, it used to just have to fit a book but now it has to accomadate a project as well (in addition to wallet, keys and the like). The other thing is my friend Tisha, who is a Coach fanatic. She has excellent taste and frighteningly it has rubbed off a bit (not much, but a bit) on me. Even when it comes to shoes, but we won't go there. So now I want cute bags as well as functional bags, what the hell happened to me! Tisha and I will both be making Via Diagonale...

If you want to see some really cool pictures, go visit Nancy. She has some shots of her trip to Monterey. I really love the otter and jellyfish shots...

Have a great weekend everyone.