Monday, April 11, 2005

A Busy Weekend with Nothing to Show for it

I was complaining to Rinaldo last night that I had nothing to blog about today. I did spend some time on the log cabin blanket, so some progress was made. Sadly I realized the problem is that I get bored with it very easily. When I pick it up, I think, "wow, it's so quick and easy why do I keep putting it back down?". Then after a few "logs" I realized I am bored to tears with the garter stitch, 10 rows, over and over and over. I am so glad I have until June for this one.

The weekend was spent running around. On Saturday I had to take Avery to Fencing and then get him back home so we could drive up to Rockland County where he was going to spend the weekend with his cousins. We were supposed to then go to Tisha's daughter's sweet 16. On the drive back from Rockland we realized there was no way we would make it to the party. Rinaldo's knee was swollen and Ian was feverish so we stayed home once we got there. Then on Sunday we decided to go to Costco but we had to get there and back, put the groceries away and then head back up to Rockland to pick up Avery.

Avery was spending the night at his cousins' as a dry run for a school trip he is taking. The 4th and 5th graders are going on retreat to an environmental science center in a few weeks and Avery hasn't spent a night out of the house, without us, since he was 3 (that's a long story having to do with certain events and a mother's neurosis). It went pretty well, although Avery would want me to tell you that he only slept 5 hours that night. He had quite a problem falling asleep in a bed not his own.

I did go to Naughty Knitters on Friday. They are far from naughty and should really be called the Cool Crocheters as there was only one other knitter. The company was good however so I had fun. They are soliciting yarn donations so if anyone has any acrylic lying around that they don't want let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. We are currently making blankets for the Children's Hope Foundation but they are looking for other charities to donate to as well. I mentioned doing chemo caps for Gilda's Club so next month I will bring some patterns for them.

If you ever see a piece of yarn on the floor and wonder where it came from, read Bliss' tale and think twice before you pick it up...

Tomorrow is the Barnes and Noble knitting group. Oddly enough some people in the Naughty Knitters had heard about it. I guess we are getting a bit of a reputation. Maybe we should be the Bad-Ass B and N Knitters...