Thursday, April 21, 2005

Well Gidget beat me to it but I'm going to show you all anyway. Check out the Clapotis hat that Amy designed. I think it's pretty cool and I just might actually have enough of my yarn left for it.

I was reading Chris' rant yesterday and it made me realize something (although this is not her point she just mentioned it in passing), the reason everything is boring to me at the moment and progress is so slow is because there is no degree of difficulty in any of my projects. No learning new things, no growth. Ok, Bob has his difficult points but I'm not there yet. In order to keep things fun, at least one project must be challenging in one way or another. Now I am certainly not taking on the Stockinette Avengers as I too love to get lost in a good long piece of stockinette on occasion. It's just that usually it's my mindless project, that offsets a more difficult undertaking. Currently I have a garter stitch blanket (the log cabin, the challenge of picking up stitches gets old fast), the circular baby blanket which is wonderful process knitting but doesn't stretch my brain at all, Bob who is basically just tiny stockinette swatches at this point and the good old ribbed scarf.

I think I need to start something challenging, that will make me long for these mindless objects so I can truly appreciate them when I spend time with them. Haven't figured out what it is yet, I'll get back to you.

Avery had his school overnight yesterday. He comes home tonight at 8. No news is good news. I have to assume all went well since I haven't had any phone calls. He was very excited and I am sure he is having an amazing time.

Only one person volunteered to be interviewed, lucky me. I think this meme has just about run it's course. Susie, I hope to have your questions up tomorrow.

Also for those of you who read the comments on my last post. Maribel said she wanted me to go to England with her, she failed to mention that it is for a Knitting Tour of England! The ad was in a recent issue of Vogue Knitting. That girl dreams big...