Monday, February 07, 2005

Well the weekend is over and I don't have much to show for it. I made the foolish mistake Saturday of getting on the scale. I haven't so much as looked at it for months. I knew I had gained during my mother's illness but I didn't realize how much I had gained since she died. That does explain why I haven't been feeling very well lately. I suppose it's good that I've already been trying to do something about it, but frankly I got very upset by the number that I saw.

So rather than sit and mope I decided to take action. Avery started his fencing class Saturday. It is held at the gym here at work so I worked out while he fenced. I also brought my gym clothes today so Tisha and I will start going during our lunch hour again. We had been really good about doing that, but I pretty much abandoned her when my mother went into the hospital. There were so many things that were out of my control last year that I'm just realizing how many things I let slide that I should have been taking care of, including myself.

I have quite the dilemma this week. I have my knitting group tomorrow at Barnes and Noble, but I have my second (and last) drop spindle class on Wednesday. I'm definitely going to class, though I've been bad and haven't touched my yarn or my spindle since last Wednesday. I am just not sure it I want to spend 2 nights out in a row. We'll see how it goes.

Clapotis is slowing down. I was reading most of the weekend. I started and finished 2 really good and completely opposite books. Persepolis by Satrapi and Through Violet Eyes by Woodworth. Both amazing in completely different ways. I would really like to finish it before I start my sockapalooza socks but I'm running out of time. The socks are to be sent out March 15 and I want to give myself a month to finish them just to be safe. I better get with it and work on Clapotis religiously this week otherwise she will be tossed aside.