Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Having finally finished Clapotis, I have been a good girl and started my sockapalooza sock...a few times in fact. I kept having issues with the start of it, but I have a few inches of ribbing now so I am comfortably underway. I'm not doing anything too fancy as it is only my second set of socks ever. I am using the pattern from the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. I am going to continue the ribbing across the top of the foot just to be different from the pair I made Avery.

I also finally bought more yarn for poor neglected Bob. I found a blue that seems to match his overalls, at least I think it's close enough that Ian won't notice the difference. I'm hoping to do a little work on him this weekend, but only if I have made significant progress on sock 1.

I also bought yarn for a baby blanket and started swatching for it. I have 2 friends who are expecting and most exciting of all, my cousin is expecting in late summer. My cousin lives in Iceland so I'm figuring I can really deck this kid out in good knitted clothes! So lots of baby knitting to come.

Enjoy the day!