Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The extremely talented Alison was kind enough to create a new button for me:

I figured the new blog look for the year also required a new button. I will not be retiring the old just adding the new one as an alternative. I love it, it's very bold, not unlike me I suppose.

I have actually decided that I really do border on being quite insane. I had Rinaldo making a ball out of the last of my four play for Clapotis. I was just finishing the second ball so it was overdue. I guess the Wonderfalls DVD was a little too much fun for him because about halfway through the skein he told me he had reached an impass. It was a huge tangled mess. Now for full disclosure I must admit this is what happened to me last time and that is why I asked Rinaldo to do it this time. Hoping he would have better luck. Frankly I needed Tashie, she seems to have the gift for never tangling yarn. I took over the yarn. I didn't finish it last night so what did I do? I took it on the subway with me this morning. I, of course, dropped it under a woman's legs and I had to go run after it as it was rolling away. I also didn't finish it on the train. So I continued to work on it at my desk, in between answering e-mails and placing orders. I have actually just finished it. Nuts right?

I did wash and block the skein of (poorly) spun yarn from last week's drop spindle class. It does resemble yarn a bit more but still pretty sad and pathetic. I finally tried some more last night (that's what I was doing while watching Wonderfalls, by the way everyone should buy this set and watch it, it's really, really good)it was only a little better. I have to say I'm not crazy about using the drop spindle (yes Alison, you did warn me). It feels a bit unnatural to me. I can't seem to keep the spindle going while feeding it. I'm curious to see the wheel she will be bringing tonight. I might like that better.

This was posted to the knitlist earlier this week and I loved it. Scroll down to the fourth entry. It hasn't happened to me yet but there a a few projects where I'd appreciate the help.

Now go buy or rent Wonderfalls...