Monday, February 14, 2005

This weekend has been somewhat productive. Rinaldo and I were both off Friday so we took the car in for it's inspection. This let to a great deal of time to work on Clapotis. Once that was done we picked up the boys and went to see The Heffalump Movie. It was Ian's first movie so we weren't sure how that was going to go. Oddly enough the Heffalump scared the heck out of him but just as he was about to really get upset and try to leave the regular characters, Pooh, Tigger etc., would come on and he would calm down. About 10-15 minutes before the end it got to be too much and he asked to go. Rinaldo took him out and Avery and I finished the movie. All in all it wasn't too bad and Ian has been on a Pooh kick all weekend.

I finished Clapotis Saturday morning and I decided it would debut in an appropriate venue.

I present The Gates:

The boys and I went downtown to check them out. They are really beautiful. The boys loved it. Ian loved to run through them and Avery liked chasing him through them:

Here is the lovely clapotis:

I have barely taken it off all weekend. Yesterday all the managers had to go in to do a practice inventory using a new scanning system (I won't tell you how badly that went) and I wore it most of the day. It's so much fun to wear. I used it as a scarf and as a shawl. It is larger than I'm accustomed to and if I make it again I will make it smaller but it's pretty cool.

I am off today to spend Valentine's Day with the hubby. I need to get going on the sockapalooza sock. It's only a month until I have to send it out.

Happy Valentine's Day!