Friday, February 18, 2005

I love hockey. I mean really love hockey. On my desk I have a Rangers puck and on my wall I have the little flag they gave away of the large flag hung up in the rafters of Madison Square Garden when they retired Mike Richter's number. I, of course am suffering a great deal at the moment. When the season was called of this week I was not surprised but I was very sad. I'm very concerned that the NHL can't come back from this. People here in the States barely notice that there is no hockey. Which doesn't bode well. However being a true hockey fan I enjoyed this piece in the Times today.

I think they should award the Stanley Cup to an AHL team or another league that I don't know about. It should be awarded for excellence in hockey, not monopolized by the NHL. Half of the NHL players are playing in Europe anyway and Scott Gomez is playing for his home team in Alaska (I love this guy, even if he isn't a Ranger). There is a site called Free Stanley that discussed the true meaning of the Stanley Cup and why any Canadian team that plays hockey should be eligible for it.

This rant on hockey is really meant to disguise the fact that I have no knitting to discuss. I have worked on my sock but as it is a 2x2 rib it is going slower than molasses. I have been swatching for the baby blanket but so far I'm not thrilled with the swatch so I'm not ready to share. Maybe the long weekend will bring some real productivity.

I just saw this on Stephanie's site so I decided to look up my own and saw that I got a nice review. It's fake but I enjoyed it anyway. If you have a blog look yourself up, who cares if it's real, it's an ego booster anyway.

Enjoy the weekend everyone...