Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I got this in the mail last night:

  • This book is written by Joelle Hoverson of Purl, which is located right near my job. How I found out about the store is a funny story. In the Summer Avery goes to camp down here in the Village. Now that he's older they bus him out to a campus on Staten Island, but when he was younger he stayed in the building down here. They would walk the kids down to the neighborhood pool everyday. One day on the way home Avery said, "Mommy I saw a knitting store on my way to the pool". I didn't quite believe him but the next day when I picked him up, he walked me down to where it was and thus I discovered Purl. It's a beautiful store with very friendly people, but a bit too pricey for me I'm afraid. I think Manhattan rents and yarn shops are a bad combination as a rule.

    Back to the book. I really like it. It has some adorable projects. I paticularly like the Baby's Denim Drawstring Pants and the Child's Placket Neck Pullover. I also love the way the book is divided by the hours it will take to make a particular project. Obviously all our speeds are different but when you need something fast it's great to know which chapter to look at.

    The hat for Ian is coming along, just not a quickly as I would like. I have only been knitting on the train coming into work. It's too crowded on the way home. Although I did get a good portion done during Desperate Housewives on Sunday. This has become my favorite hour of television to knit during. Between that and Lost I have a small glimmer of hope for network TV again. Once Alias is back in January I'll be set. Who knew ABC could be cool...