Thursday, November 11, 2004

I finished the front of the striped sweater. I know, I know where are the pictures? I have been busy every night this week. You would think I had a life! Last night there was a fundraiser for our school at Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, feel my pain. I can't complain the kids ran my husband ragged while I sat and knit. We got home very late and then it took awhile for the kids to wind down enough to fall asleep. I finished the sweater front while watching the first half of the Alexander the Great special that I Tivo'd on Sunday.

Today I make the purchase I have been dying to make. I am going to order my Charlotte's Web. I was never able to time it right to get one of the kits from Threadbear, invariably I would see the colors I wanted, I would e-mail and it would be sold out. So I am going to order it from Ram Wools. I am very excited. I plan on beginning it January 1. On that note I have decided that I don't have enough sweaters. What I mean is that I don't knit enough for myself, so my early new year's resolution is to do more projects intended for me. I have had a very difficult year, I think I deserve to pamper myself a bit for the next 12 months.

On a somewhat sad but important note go visit Kerstin's site for her 11/11 post to hear from one of our female soldiers in Iraq. It is sad but true and it's something we should all be talking about.