Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I have been working pretty steadily on the striped sweater. I am just about at the neck shaping for the front. I really love the way it is working up. The Wool-Ease Chunky is much softer than I would have thought. It really feels like it will be a very comfortable sweater.

I have been very remiss in thanking Stella for my candy, in the candy exchange. I'd love to show you a picture but it arrived a couple of weeks ago and is therefore all gone. Surprise, surprise. Just so you don't think me a complete glutton (I am only a partial one), my husband and son helped a great deal in it's disappearance.

I was disappointed last night because I missed the knitting group at Barnes and Noble. One of my publisher's sales reps got me tickets to the Knicks vs the 76ers game last night at the Garden. I am not a basketball fan but since it seems we may never have an NHL game again I thought it might be my only shot this year to hang out in the Skybox (gotta love those publishers!) Tashi loves basketball so I took her and her girlfriend and of course Tisha went because through all the pain and disappointment she still loves her Knicks. I have to say it was a good game and I really enjoyed it. I didn't even pull out my knitting once....