Monday, November 08, 2004

I made good progress over the weekend on the striped sweater. I didn't have a chance to take pictures though. I have finished the striped section on the front. I don't want to go too much further with it on the train tonight because I am pretty sure I made the back a bit longer than suggested, so I would like to compare them.

I am itching to make some small things though. Not baby sweaters! I want to make the fingerless gloves from Weekend Knitting, especially after seeing the pair that Alison made. My office gets quite cold at this time of year and I would love to have them to type with.

I have also decided that my beautiful purple Four Play that I bought at Rhinebeck should be Clapotis. I think the pattern will really show off the colors in the yarn and the blend of 50% wool and 50% silk is the same as the Lorna's Laces suggested by Kate in the pattern.

I have also decided to scale back on the holiday projects. I'm not really feeling the holiday spirit for obvious reasons and we plan on going away for Christmas, just us and the kids. I figure I will have enough emotions going on that I don't need the added stress of deadlines. I will still do some but I will try not to pressure myself to get anything done in time.

Poor Devan sits neglected because I am far too lazy and distracted to work on it. I can't deny that part of the reason I am so lackadaisical about it is the fact that it is a bit big. Suddenly there is no urgency. It can be a late winter/ early spring sweater instead. How's that for rationalization...