Monday, November 22, 2004

I had a good weekend. We didn't do much but relax. On Saturday Avery had his final soccer game of the season. His team finished the season in second place. Which was a far cry from last year when the only game we won was the last one of the season. The teams change every year and this year he had a great coach so he really enjoyed himself.

Ian did well on his first day of school. The teacher said he was very shy at first but "found his smile quickly". He enjoyed circle time and story time and he even took a nap. He cried when he got on the bus the first day but the second day he ran right up to it and climbed on himself. He told me "bye bye" and gave me a kiss and marched over to his seat. His speech therapist came over on Saturday and was saying how far he has come in the three months she has been working with him. She says the teachers at school will be surprised by how quickly he picks things up. He was trying to sing the ABC song this weekend for the first time and he can now count to 10 perfectly (not clearly but all the numbers are correct, for awhile 7,8 and 9 were all 8). So we're very happy. Of course as it seems always happens when a child starts school for first time, today he is sick. He's been running a fever off and on since last night so unfortunately he had to stay home today.

I did finish all the pieces of the striped sweater, but I never sat down to do the finishing. I started this hat for Ian, but I'm a bit concerned. The yarn I am using does not match the gauge in the pattern. No big deal I just re-worked the math. The issue I have is that there is no listed row gauge on the pattern. Normally row gauge is not a big deal because patterns are often written with measurements (i.e. knit until piece measures 3" or something like that). This one is written by rounds, "do 20 rounds in K1 P1 rib". How should I account for the thinner yarn for the rows. Should I just add a couple of extra rows to each section? Should I try to measure the various parts of Ian's head? What do you guys suggest...