Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Today was a big day at my house. It's Ian's first day of school!

We had found a spot at a good center for him (he gets free pre-school from the state due to his speech delay) but then getting the busing arrangements together took over a week. They literally called us at 5 o'clock last night to say the bus would be here at 7:30 this morning. I wasn't ready. I actually stayed home from work today because I seem to have a sinus infection. The good thing about that is that I can be here to get Ian off the bus. He was very excited at first when we were getting him ready, but when he realized he was getting on the bus alone he got very upset. I know he'll be fine but it's really hard to put a 3 year old on a bus. Of course as I recall it wasn't much easier leaving Avery at the school myself, he cried everyday for months!

Since I am home today I am going to run a few errands, maybe clean up a little (ha, ha like that's really going to happen) and hopefully knit. I have about 5 rows left on the striped sweater sleeve but I think I will save the finishing for the weekend.

If any of you have seen the Incredibles, you have no doubt seen the short that opens the film. For those who haven't it's called, "Boundin'"
and it's about a lamb with the most beautiful coat of wool who gets sheared. Now just so you know what my dear husband thinks of me, he informed Avery that the unseen person who so callously grabs the lamb, shears him and throws him back stark naked, was me. Yes, he said that I would do that for such beautiful wool, tsk, tsk...

...how well he knows me...