Sunday, October 31, 2004

I hope everyone had a good Halloween. We certainly did. We went to trick or treat up at Natasha's mom's house up in Haverstraw, NY. I think we terrorized the neighborhood:

Would you run screaming from that crew? Avery was Harry Potter in his Quidditch uniform, his little brother Ian was Thomas the Tank Engine. Natasha was an escaped convict, her sister Cheyenne is a little devil, her baby sister Zeyda was Blue from Blue's Clues.

I also managed to finish Mya:

I didn't wash it or block it yet but it looks pretty good. I took Devan with me to fix the sleeves but I never really had a chance to work on it and tonight I'm too tired from pounding the pavement extorting candy from suburbanites.

As soon as I finish watching Desperate Housewives it's off to bed for me...