Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Knitting Group at B & N last night was rather small. Of course Maribel was there (it's her store) Sonia and Chaymie (I hope I spelled that right) and a new woman who's name I forget. She had attended last month's group which I missed. We also had the funniest little elderly woman who sat in with us. She thought it was a group to learn to knit. She kept asking questions about our projects and how it all worked. She also didn't quite get the difference between knit and crochet, no matter how many different ways Maribel explained it to her.

Sonia showed off the sweater she was working on at the August meeting:

It's her first adult project. It came out beautifully. The picture doesn't really do justice to the colors. It's such a deep shade of red with different shades swirling in it. Really a great Fall jacket.

Maribel wasn't crazy about the Suss Knit Kit Poncho so she is using the yarn for a scarf:

I again had to rip out part of one of the sleeves of Mya so I didn't get much done. The sleeves are in the lower right hand corner (the rest is the body of the sweater):

It's the same sleeve everytime. I think it's cursed...