Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Just a quick post from Ohio where I am on a business trip (not because I have much to report but simply because I feel cool because I am posting from "the road"). The only knitting I brought with me was the scarf and it is nearly done. In fact I stopped working on it in the airport yesterday because I thought I would finish it right there and then. If that happened I'd have nothing for today's flights.

I tried to make it to the Knit Out in Union Square on Sunday but we got caught at Book Country which was going on in Washington Square Park. Much fun was had. Avery got two books autographed. Cornelia Funke who wrote Inkheart which he loved, was signing her new book Dragon Rider. Also the illustrator for the Series of Unfortunate Events, Brett Helquist was there so we go number 5 signed (it was the volume we had in the car).

I was ok with missing the Knit Out until I visited Mindy's blog this morning. Sounds like it was a blast.

Forgive my lack of links, I seem to be missing a few of the tools in Blogger, I assume because I am on a MAC.