Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Ok you've waited patiently to find out what on earth could distract me from all my WIPs and here it is:

My First Sock!

yeah it's not done yet, big surprise, but it is damn cool! I so understand why people get caught up in making socks. It's easy, you see progress quickly, and being that I am using Regia Jaquard, it's got stripey goodness. Yes, I have been seduced. In order to regain control of my knitting life again, I have decided that Stripey has to go sit in the car. I will only work on it while I am out driving with the family. Otherwise nothing else will get done. It is because of this sock that Sonnet's sleeves are not done.

Here's an updated picture of Sonnet:

and a close-up of the buttons I picked up for it:

Must finish sleeves, must resist the lure of the stripes....

I was thrilled yesterday to discover this blog, Yarn Harlot. It is none other than Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, she of Knitlist fame. I always loved her missives to the Knitlist, they were so creative and humorous. In fact, I have most of them saved on my computer. If you need a good chuckle (and if you think you don't then you really do) go check her out.