Monday, March 29, 2004

Miss me?

I didn't actually mean to take a vacation from blogging, but I only got to post once while my store was in inventory. Then immediately following inventory, I went on vacation. I would love to say that I caught up on all my projects and cleared the decks so I could begin some fun new things for Spring...but that would be a lie. What I did do was clean, clean and clean some more. Now this may not seem odd to any of you because you don't know me well but it is very, very odd. I hate to clean. I usually get by doing the bare minimum. I often excuse myself by saying that I prefer to play with my kids, or knit or do things that are more personally fulfilling than having an immaculate home. While that may be true, it's really just that I hate cleaning. This past week however I was in a cleaning frenzy. Papers were sorted, filed or tossed. Clothes were packed in plastic bins for sentiment or potential later use, while the remaining items were dropped in clothing drop off bins. Toys that have not been played with in over a year were disposed of. I was a force to be reckoned with!

Now that it's over, I'm glad I did it. I am something of a pack rat and the accumulated stuff of 4 people is a bit too much to have around in a New York apartment (albeit a very large Bronx still ain't a house!). I have this amazing amount of room in my bedroom. My sons have room for both of them to play in their room. I am very pleased.

All of this means however that I am a week behind on the Shapely Tank Knit-a-long. The sleeves on Sonnet are not quite done, the towel set is no closer to completion than before. As for the baby blanket squares let's just not go there. I did of course start something new, because what else does one do when faced with all of these unfinished products. I will show you pictures of my guilty secret tomorrow...