Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Still not having much luck with the productivity. I did not felt the tiny Kureyon purse, nor did I felt the IPod cozy. Pure laziness. As small as they are and the fact that my washing machine sits right in my kitchen. There really is no excuse.
I did work on Sonnet but I completed the box stitch section on the back and when I looked at it I realized that I sure as hell hadn't done box stitch on the front portion. I had in fact done double seed stitch (I alternated rows of K2, P2 instead of doing K2, P2 for one row then two rows of P2, K2 and back to K2,P2). So I asked my husband which he thought looked better, since my opinion was undoubtedly biased by the idea of ripping out 2.5 inches or 10.5 inches. Lucky me he thought the double seed looked better, as did I, so I ripped out the box stitch rows and started re-doing them in double seed.

Now one would think that with everything I have currently on my plate, and the obvious knitting malaise I am suffering from, that I would not start planning more projects. Wrong. I have joined the Shapely Tank Knit Along that Jessica is hosting. I really love the idea of working on projects as a group and who can resist Jessica's enthusiasm. Hey it will probably still be on the needles by the time I get on the boat in April so it can still be cruise knitting.

The birthday present for Maribel went well...too well. I got her this colorway of Regia:

plus some Brittany Dpns in 2 and 3 so she can play with her gauge a bit. So of course she cast on that night using the pattern in this month's Knit It. She had 3/4 of an inch done when I spoke to her yesterday morning. I better cast on for a sock soon so I can catch up!

So on tonight's agenda:

Work on Sonnet. I need to get at least halfway done by tonight if I have any chance of finishing it by this weekend.
Felt the two small projects. Avery has tap class today so I get home a little bit earlier than usual. I was going to do laundry anyway so this shouldn't be a problem.
Get to blocking some squares. I know I say this everyday. I gave my husband the assignment yesterday to cut some 3"x3" squares out of the boxes that I have been saving for just that purpose. He didn't do it last night but hopefully tonight.

Let's see how much actually gets done...