Monday, March 08, 2004

In case you hadn't figured it out I did not work on the baby blanket at all this weekend, bad Nancy, bad girl. The only knitting I worked on was the IPod Cozy so it would be ready for felting, which it now is. I am going to pop it in the washing machine tonight along with the tiny Kureyon purse.

I picked up Sonnet this morning for my subway knitting. I think I will be going exclusive with it for this week. It's so easy and straight forward I suspect I might finish it this weekend if I do. Which would be cool. Of course I should spend my evenings blocking squares!

I have joined Joy's Spring Knit-Up. I figure that is exactly what I need. Finish off the projects that are slowing me down so I can move on to more fun and exciting things. I have pretty much decided that the Sonata that was liberated in the Rip Along should be a Shapely Tank. Interestingly enough Jessica is planning on having a Knit Along for it, which came about after I decided to make one. I'm not sure I'll join since this is my designated Cruise knitting.

Speaking of Cruise knitting, I realized that with all the things going on right now I am really going to need this trip. I will be taking the Majesty of the Seas on the last weekend of April. I am so ready!

I am going to Seaport Yarn at lunchtime with Tisha. It's my best friend Maribel's birthday tomorrow and she has been talking about trying to knit socks. I am going to go find her some cool sock yarn and some bamboo dpns and make it into a nice gift basket for her. Maybe then I can pull out the Regia in my stash and we can learn together...