Thursday, April 01, 2004

Not much getting done. I've been really tired this week and I've only been reading on the subway to and from work. I did cast on last night for the Shapely Tank. Finally! I did the six rows of garter on the train this morning and I am hoping to start the short rows on the trip home.

I am really having issues with finishing things lately. The sleeves for Sonnet are just sitting on the table next to my favorite chair begging to be worked on. My mother in law is being very patient since she sees the "vest" portion of the sweater everyday (it hangs over the back of my favorite chair...see a trend here?) while she is taking care of my kids. I just don't want to touch it. I did put Stripey away so it cannot lure me with it's Siren Song of Stripes. It just doesn't seem to have made much difference.

I suspect I am just really bored with my projects. Casting on for the tank should help. I am hoping to devote the weekend to finishing, since I have pretty much banned all but the most important housework for awhile after last week's frenzy. I'll check in over the weekend and let you know how it's progressing.