Friday, October 12, 2007

The road to hell...

I had intended to show you some Cherie Amour progress. I brought my camera took some great shots and realized I didn't have the cable. So not helpful. I am nearly ready to admit defeat on having her ready to wear for Rhinebeck but I am plugging along as though there is still hope. I had to rip out the bottom 3 times because you know how I am when it comes to yarn overs. I just like to skip them whenever possible, lol. I actually have the whole damn thing marked with stitch markers for each and every repeat so I can count that I have 12 stitches when I finish each set of stitches. Now I've gotten into the rhythm though and it's going along well. This morning I realized I was further along than I thought. I kept thinking I had to do 31 repeats of the 4 rows when in actuality it's 31 rows of the pattern. Big difference. I am on row 16. The real problem is my business trip next week. I leave Wednesday and come back Friday. Even if I take it and finish it on the trip I can't exactly block it on the plane, can I?

My cousin arrives tonight, yay! Lots of shopping and fun this weekend. Then next week will be a bit crazed. Ingileif leaves on Monday so I am taking a half day then I work Tuesday but then Wednesday is my trip, Friday I'm back and Saturday Rhinebeck baby! Thankfully the week after will be vacation so I can recover.

Since I am cable-less I will share this picture that Rinaldo took on the train. He got the biggest kick out of it:

Have a great weekend everyone!