Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I was very productive this weekend but not really with the knitting. I cleaned my house from top to bottom since I was having company on Sunday but the cleaning continued on Monday since my cousin is coming to stay with us next weekend.

I did at least get the first sleeve for Cherie Amour blocked:

Size-wise it blocked perfectly but lengthwise is a bit of a problem. They're about 2 inches longer but I'm not too concerned since I thought the length was a bit short anyway.

In the cleaning frenzy I decided to ball up some of my sock yarn to make it easier to store. Like my homemade swift:

I got a few done but I left the ball winder attached so I can do more, tonight.

I am nearly finished with the first Charade sock. I'm at the toe. It's odd that I didn't finish it last night since I usually can polish off a toe in an hour or so of tv watching but I was a bit out of it. Maribel's cousin died this weekend. The wake is tonight and the mass tomorrow. This was a very cool guy who was one of the first of the extended family to make me feel like I belonged. I already miss him...