Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I seem to have a seriously busy life, who knew? Last week seemed to fly by. I didn't even finish Cherie which I was sure I would. I nearly finished the second sleeve on the train going and coming from Long Island on Monday only to realize that in fact I had never done the first row of increases, all the way back on row 8. So a'froggin' I went. You know how frustrated I get by things like that so no more was done on the sleeve until much later in the week. I did finish it finally and I'm now into the neckline on the body piece. I'm probably going to block the sleeve tonight. I can't deny I haven't been in too much of a rush to finish it since I realized neither Tisha nor Amanda are here this week at work so there is no one to show it off to:(

Ian's birthday festivities were a hit. We brought cupcakes to his class on Friday. It's amazing, he's in special ed this year and the teacher and the para stand around in awe because we actually do things. We go on trips, we help when we go on trips, we brought cupcakes. The para said she hasn't had a "normal parent" in so long she doesn't know how to handle it. They said they are going to be spoiled by us. It makes me sad I mean I've always been a presence in the school (Rinaldo as well) when Avery was there and now for Ian. It would seem odd to me that just because he's in special ed that I would act differently somehow.

As for this school year it's going beautifully for Ian. The teacher knows him from last year and she can't get over how much more social he is. He participates in class and does beautiful work she says. When Rinaldo mentioned recently that his teacher last year said he learned fine by rote but he didn't grasp concepts his currently teacher looked at him like he had grown two heads. She then preceded to show him all the concepts Ian not only grasps but usually grasps before anyone else in the class. He's enjoying his homework and he seems to have regained his love of learning. I'm very happy. The only problem we have is most days he cries when we leave him at school. It's not school that's the problem but the fact that his grandmother is picking him up. He doesn't want her to take care of him anymore. Since that is currently not an option we're not sure what to do. His teacher says he shakes it off when he gets to class so she's not worried about it. As I recall this was around the age when Avery wasn't fond of his grandmother either but then we had Ian so it eased up a bit. We'll just see how it plays out.

It's my favorite day of the year so as Margene said go hug a witch today...

...and get lots of candy...

Happy halloween!!