Friday, September 28, 2007

A "Duh" moment

I had two "duh" moments this week, which slowed me down considerably on my two current projects. The first one occurred on Tuesday. I'm in my office showing off my knit picks interchangeables to my co-worker. I screw off the 13 that I'm using for the sleeve of Cherie Amour and I screw on the 9 that I used for the cuff. Then I took the 9 off and put in my bag, or so I thought.

That evening at knitting group I cast off on the first sleeve and go to switch the needles so I can start the second one. Guess what? I only found one 9 tip. I haven't located the other one since. So Cherie Amour has been put on hold for the moment. It's not that I don't have other 9s, its simply the principle of it.

I picked up the charade socks so I could at least finish the first. I completed the heel flap and I started to turn the heel, when I realized that I had worked the heel flap for the original stitch count, not the up sized version that I'm making. That made me feel particularly stupid. So I ripped it out on the train last night and started again.

Since I have no progress to really show off I thought I would share some pictures. I was looking through some old pictures this morning and I found these. First up a shot of me wearing a hat and scarf my grandma made for me:

The next one is just for Susan. I know how she likes when I take a stroll down memory lane. When I was a kid my parents went to their school reunion every year. I loved it because it was a real campus (it was a boarding school for the blind)and my parents knew it like the back of their hands so I didn't have to guide them anywhere. I just roamed free. I also used to get to play with my parents' friends' seeing eye dogs. They enjoyed the freedom as much as I did. This is a shot of me with one of them:

Spin Out in Central Park tomorrow people! Hope to see you there...