Monday, August 13, 2007

Birthday Redux
I actually did the teeniest bit of knitting this weekend. I worked on the dalek and I swatched for a sweater but I'll get back to that.

I've been meaning to show you a few other birthday goodies and somehow I never did but as my final birthday present just arrived I figured, a month later, it was time to show off a bit.

I bought myself this:

Technically it's not a birthday present as I bought it with my retro check but I considered it one anyway. I've been needing a new machine as my old didn't fair too well in the move. I'm not hugely into sewing but occasionally I'll need to hem something for the boys or line a bag and it really comes in handy having a sewing machine.

Tisha and the boys at work went to the ends of the earth (or Ebay did for them) to fulfill my Bollywood fantasies. I adore the Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan so Tisha found a way for me to declare my love publically:

...and since I can't have him in person, she got me the next best thing, see he's a real doll:

I've decided since I'm a bit old for dolls, poor Hrithik needs to earn his keep. This is the real present that I bought for myself way back in June it finally arrived this week. I've been swatching like crazy to make sure it will fit perfectly. My spokesdoll Hrithik presents:

Rogue. I've been dying to make this sweater for years and while Kathleen keeps throwing down the gauntlet of St. Brigid, I think I'll do this first. I think I might actually complete rogue in this lifetime;)

Time to get some sleep, I really don't like Mondays...