Monday, July 30, 2007

Rinaldo won't let me see movies in Manhattan anymore...'s not my fault! Really! I mentioned last week that we had an incident where the ticket taker didn't believe Avery was 11. Now I was really nice to that guy, I understood his dilemma but I held my ground and he let it go. Yesterday I wasn't so nice.

I took Avery and few friends to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at IMAX. This was what he wanted to do instead of having a party. I bought the tickets online nice and early. We got there about 15 minutes before the show started. At that point the other adult went to the bathroom and I got on the popcorn line. Once we got inside the movie had already begun and we didn't see any seats. My friend Leslie went to go find an usher, we realized we couldn't sit together but at least they could find us seats with a flashlight. I started to become concerned however when I saw a couple people sitting on the steps and a number of people standing against the back wall. The usher came and offered us a refund. He never even looked for seats for us. I explained that I didn't want a refund, it was my son's birthday and this is how we invited his friends to celebrate with us. He said we could stay but there was nothing he could do to help us.

The last row had 2 empty spaces between every 4 seats for wheelchairs. We made ourselves at home and sat on the floor. About 30 minutes later another usher comes in and tells us that we can't sit on the floor. I ask him to step outside and explain to him that they oversold the theater and I was going to sit where I damn well pleased so I could see the movie I paid for. He said that was impossible, "we don't do that". I told him I bought six tickets, he was more than welcome to find me six seats. He called his boss who told him they had in fact oversold and we could sit where we liked as long as were weren't blocking the aisles.

The kids were great about it and we enjoyed the movie. Regardless I was still furious. As soon as it was over I went to the ticket booth and complained to the manager. I then explained that I expected him to give me free passes to a movie for a later time so I while I told the parents who entrusted their kids to me that they had to sit on the floor for two and half hours at least I could say the next movie they see is on AMC. He of course gave me the passes. I can be very persuasive when I want to be. Due to this latest incident whoever, Rinaldo says I am having a bad streak at Manhattan theaters so I need to stay away from them for awhile.

Swallowtail and I were not getting along. I would miss at least one yarn over every 4th row or so. It was driving me nuts! I ripped it out and I cast on for Rinaldo's Dalek:

The pattern is a little intense, not because it's complex, it's fairly simple but you must pay attention to the row you are on. Each row has different stitches. I'm starting to get the rhythm of it though so I'm sure it'll will be easier as I go along. I'm just happy that it already feels pretty damn Dalek-y to me.

Off to bed!