Monday, August 27, 2007

You can tell by the sporadic posting and the time of year that we are in the thick of it here at work. The freshman moved in this weekend. Hell it even made the news. From my perspective it means endless days, 6 day weeks and being in a constant state of exhaustion. Of course to top it all off the boys start school on Tuesday. Oh joy.

I received some more goodies last week to help keep my spirits up however. I had participated in a swap on FiberFlix over the summer. Unfortunately I got shafted. My buddy ( and it wasn't anonymous) never came through with my gift. When I saw that there was going to be a new FiberFlix swap I thought I should let the moderator, Jennifer, know about my partner should she decide to participate again. Jennifer is a real doll and decided to send me a consolation package:
...I feel much better now;) The chocolate is gone. The pattern is picked for the yarn and as soon as rush is over there is a trip to Blockbuster in the offing. Thanks Jennifer I really, really appreciate it!

Since I'm doing better at the whole spinning thing. I decided to use the gift certificate that came with my wheel. I took a trip to Bountiful:

Pretty, pretty. If I ever have time again I will be very happy to try spinning any one of them!

I also hit Knit Picks (hey shopping is a great stress reliever;)) for yarn for the Tomten sweater, picked out by Mr. Mathews himself of course:

Knitting wise I finished the Dalek's body but my color work in the round sucks so I need to fix it up a bit before I stuff. I also need to make the arms. Meanwhile I'm working on the sleeve of Rogue. I figured I'll start small.

Happy Monday all!