Friday, August 10, 2007

I had planned on sharing some pictures of the products of my spinning endeavors but I seem to have forgotten my camera cable. Damn shame that;) I blame exhaustion I was at work 12 hours yesterday. Mind you I was a bit of a slacker, when I left Tisha and a few others were still here. Oh the joys of rush preparation!

I have spun every night but last night. In fact yesterday I took a virtual trip to Bountiful. Maribel purchased my wheel from them and along with it I received a $60 gift certificate which I had yet to use. Since I am nearly finished with the bag of roving that Gina bestowed on me I figured I could justify obtaining some more.

I'm off to lunch in a few with Risa. She has a brand spanking new job starting on Monday so I will not be able to enjoy our lunches as frequently as I am used to. Of course she'll be close to Seaport so that seems a worthy excuse to head a bit further downtown for a lunch;)

Have a great weekend all!