Friday, August 31, 2007

Just a drive-by post today. I've made no real progress on the finishing of the dalek, nor have I gone much further on the sleeve of Rogue. All work and no play makes Nancy a dull blogger. I work tomorrow but I do have the luxury of Sunday and Monday off which is lovely. The husband sadly only has Monday off.

I'm hoping to get some spinning done and maybe finish up on the dalek knitwise. I doubt that I'll get it stuffed but I'd like to get him right to the stuffing point, lol. Mostly though I want to lay like a vegetable. Ian is already crying anytime anyone brings up the fact that Tuesday school starts. So I am not looking forward to that morning at all.

I've decided since I've had such a poor participation rate so far on my contest (3 so far) to extend it for another month. So the drawing will be on October 1st, rather than September 1st.

Happy Labor Day everyone!