Monday, August 20, 2007

Winning Week

I had a very lucky week last week. First up I won over at Chante's blog:
Her fantastic stitch marker for the Sidewinder socks. They're also available in her Etsy shop if you like them.

Then I won over at Bron's blog:

Her Good & Plenty dishcloths.

Thanks to both for making the contest so damn easy! By the way I'm still having that contest for the Brooks Farm yarn. Info is over at the sidebar. Only two people have donated so far, don't make it so easy for them!

Meanwhile Shameka made me do it. I really want to make the Mirepoix sweater for myself. I put it on my Ravelry queue and forgot about it, but Shameka would have none of it. She talked me into signing up for the Mirepoix Knitalong. We're looking at using Dale of Norway Falk. I'm a bit intimidated by the steeking but I have a sewing machine and plenty of liquor so I think I'm prepared;) Thankfully the knitalong starts on the 1st of October so that gives me and Rogue some quality alone time.

Things are gearing up at work but my mother in law has doctor's appointments today and tomorrow so I'm doing the work from home thing. It's a little schizophrenic but at least I won't fall behind.

Back to answering e-mails from work, while sitting on the floor in my jammies, working from home has it's privledges...