Friday, August 17, 2007

I actually picked up the needles a bit this week. I started Rogue but I've decided to go down a needle size. I had decided to knit it at 4 stitches per inch to make the math work better for my size. The measurement on the large is 43.5" and I'm 44" but it was a bit too loose after I washed and blocked the swatch. It's disturbing how seriously I'm taking this sweater. I never wash and block my swatch. I decided to just add a couple stitches for the extra room. It blocks out quite nicely so I think it will be just fine if I knit it to gauge.

I've been moving along on the dalek. Now that I'm finished with the damn bobbles it's going along pretty quickly. Although I keep forgetting to change colors so I've had to tink back every once in awhile:

Man I have never had to explain a project as much as I have to explain this one. I was in the dentist's office with Avery on Monday and people kept asking me what I was making. I decided to just say it was a doll and everyone said of course they could see it was a skirt for the doll, how cute, lol. Even at knitting group no one could quite get that I was knitting a killer robot. It would be the ugliest project ever if it wasn't a dalek. It's quite amazingly good for a dalek though. I did find this short parody video for those of you who haven't seen a walking rolling, talking dalek. Oddly enough his colors even match my little guy:

Have a great weekend all!