Monday, June 25, 2007

What happens when you decide to have a blogger bash for your birthday...

Blog celebrities show up at your doorstep: is the world famous Onslow:
Bloggers eat amazing food made by a blogger, there's me, Kathleen, Maribel (who cooked), Tisha (sadly blogless) and Ann:
...after they are well fed, bloggers knit and help each other try new techniques and decipher patterns:
...sometimes they pull out ball winders and help each other wind up a skein or two as Chante and Risa did:
...and Hiro decided to give them a (not so) helping paw:
...children played (that's a new slide in the backyard by the way):
...the husband watched children play and eat:
...and the hostess racked up on the gifts:

There's a reason I invited other knitters to come over and celebrate my birthday;) Thank you ladies for making this one of my best birthday celebrations ever and not just because of the gifts, mostly it was the excellent company...