Monday, June 04, 2007

It's like inviting an alcoholic to a wine tasting...

On Saturday I attended Book Expo. I actually had a bit of a preview because there was a pre-show conference in Brooklyn on Thursday. It was for college booksellers and they invited a few authors to speak. I came home that night a few books richer. Saturday was the motherload however:

These are the books I picked up for me, I won't show you Avery's stack. It was an embarrassment of riches for the young adult set.

These are the autographed ones:
Meeting authors at Book Expo is fun because they need your help to sell their books so they tend to be very sweet;)

Because all roads lead to knitting I, of course, met a blogger:

Crazy Aunt Purl was there hawking her book. She was quite overwhelmed but very, very funny and nice. The book looks great from the skimming I did so far but you'll have to wait for October:P

My secret joy at Book Expo is the chance to add to my bag collection. There were some very nice ones this year. This wins as the cutest bag of the show:
I was using it yesterday and it is surprisingly roomy for such a small bag. This is the bag I used for work today:
By the end of the show it had at least 15 books in it of varying sizes and it didn't complain once.

I also like a good messenger bag:

I haven't actually used this one yet but I'm sure it will have it's chance at some point this week.

The Harlot was there of course. I skipped her signing as a been there done that kind of thing, besides I was busy snagging free books. I did attend a panel later with her, Debbie Stoller and the lovely Mason Dixon ladies. The organizers obviously didn't know of Stephanie's feelings about having enough chairs as there weren't enough and the room was really small. In the end Maribel and I left after only a few minutes in since it was mostly directed to booksellers as a forum for why they should carry a good range of knitting/craft books. We already know that!

I'm exhausted, my shoulders still hurt from carrying all those books but it was so worth it. Thank god it only comes to NYC every other year. It will take me that long to get through all the damn books!